Honorary President

Mehmet Erdemoğlu

A wise man of Besni from Turkish Islamic guild culture

Born in 1931 in Besni district of Malatya

He worked with the weaving master from his elementary school years.

1970 Gaziantep, introduction to business life

1983 Carpet production

1999 Philanthropy award by President Süleyman Demirel in that period

2000 Turkish Grand National Assembly Outstanding Service Award

December 16, 2006 Death

The story of his life, which he built on the foundations of learning, working and producing by keeping human dignity at the utmost level, was published in 2010 as a memoir.

His principles

Never tell lies.
Never compromise your honesty.
Do not scold or despise anybody.
Do not interfere in anyone's work.
Do not attempt to disrupt the finished job.
Make your payments at the time you promised.
Pay the worker's right before their sweat get dry.
Do not deduct money once again during the payment of your work already negotiated.
Word once spoken is past recalling Do not withdraw from a deal even you incur losses.
Be tolerant to everyone.
Always protect your family.
Do not fail your spouse, friends and relatives.
Do not refuse anyone who comes to your door.
Consider someone else as yourself; feel empathy.
There is no limit to wealth, it has reward.
Take care of your business, your people, your homeland, your state, your flag.