Erdemoğlu Holding

  • Production in a total of over 2,300,000 square meters of indoor and 10,400,000 square meters of outdoor area in 8 cities in Turkey and in Russia
  • More than 16,000 employees
  • Ranks 29th in Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises list with our Sasa brand
  • Leader of the Worldwide Carpet Sector
  • Export to nearly 100 countries
  • Export champion with its latest technology production
  • The first Turquality certificate in the Carpet Sector
  • Within the scope of our social responsibility projects, scholarships to thousands of students, dozens of schools, places of worship, sports facilities, etc.


The foundations of our companies and brands within the body of Erdemoğlu Holding were laid in 1970 under the leadership of our Founding Honorary President, the late Mehmet Erdemoğlu.

In the light of the principles of our Honorary President Mehmet Erdemoğlu that always guide us, Erdemoğlu Holding, which has made great investments in all the sectors it has entered and achieved important successes, has adopted it as its principle to share its achievements with its nation within the scope of social responsibility projects, while becoming a giant brand establishment.

 Considering that creating value is about  not only the result but also the process, Erdemoğlu Holding continues its activities in modern and global quality standards.

Erdemoğlu Holding, which harbors brands such as our Merinos brand, which is the world leader in area carpet production; our Dinarsu brand, which is the largest wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Turkey; and Sasa Polyester, which is the largest polyester company in the geography stretching from the Far East to America, and which will be able to cover a significant part of the current account deficit, one of the biggest problems of our country, alone with the new investments it will make, will always continue to stand by and at the command of our beloved nation, with the taxes it pays, the employment it creates, and all its material and moral means.