SASA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of polyester, fiber, filament, polyester-based polymers, intermediate products, and specialty products.

SASA, which started its production in the polyester industry in 1966, was handed over by Erdemoğlu Holding in 2015.

SASA has always maintained its rapid growth process with its uninterrupted investments since its establishment. SASA, which includes Nobel, ICI and Dupont technologies brands, has a strong technical infrastructure with its high-capacity pioneering production facilities and Research and Development Center.

For more information: https://www.sasa.com.tr/

Merinos started its production activities with only two rug weaving looms by Mehmet Erdemoğlu and his family in 1970, and in the 1990s, it gained a great momentum to become today's giant world brand. Merinos, that is proud of being the world leader in today's machine-made carpet industry, at the same time, produces home textile and yarn in its integrated facilities, each of which has all the equipment of modern technology in its field.

Merinos is a world brand that has an international quality standard and image and contributes to the economy of the country with its structure that gives priority to social-scale organization activities that can be beneficial to the society.

For more information: https://www.merinos.com.tr/

Founded in 1955, Dinarsu joined Erdemoğlu Holding in 2005.  It produces wall-to-wall carpets, piece carpets and yarn under the Dinarsu brand.

Dinarsu, which is the largest brand in wall-to-wall carpet industry in Turkey, engages in wall-to-wall carpet, Chromojet printing and nonwoven production in its integrated facilities in Çerkezköy.

Ak-Al yarn, which joined Erdemoğlu Holding in 2011, today serves under the Dinarsu brand. In its factory located in Zonguldak Alaplı, acrylic and acrylic blended worsted knitting yarn is produced. With its wide product range, innovative approach, and accurate investments, Dinarsu is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand.

For more information: https://www.dinarsu.com.tr/

Padişah Halı is a brand introduced to the industry by Erdemoğlu Holding in November 2004.

Padişah Halı dispatches its high-quality products produced with advanced technology all over Turkey through its 13 regional dealers and approximately 4,000 retail outlets.  

Padişah Halı is among the top three carpet brands in the domestic market with its market structuring and technological investments in the process that has passed since its establishment.

For more information: https://www.padisah.com.tr/

It is the newest carpet brand under the roof of Erdemoğlu Holding. Merinos Elegance carpets are produced in integrated facilities equipped with all the equipment of modern technology.

Merinos Elegance Halı has won hearts of consumers in a truly short time with its elegant and stylish patterns.

For more information: http://merinoselegance.com/