New investment from Dinarsu in the New Year

Erdemoğlu Holding
21 Nov 2021
Dinarsu, which produces a thousand tons of yarn per month in Çerkezköy OSB, increases its capacity by enlarging the facility. The company starts polyester yarn production by commissioning its new investment in the first quarter of 2022.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Continuing its activities within the body of Erdemoğlu Holding and one of the leading players in the tufting carpet industry, Dinarsu grows its capacity with the new investment. The company, which produces a thousand tons of yarn per month in its facilities of 140 thousand square meters in Tekirdağ Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, increases the area of ​​the facility to 160 thousand square meters and its yarn production capacity to 2,500 tons per month.

Saying that they have an annual carpet production capacity of 50 million square meters, Dinarsu General Manager Bahadır Aksoy stated that they will start producing polyester in addition to polypropylene and polyamide yarn production in their Çerkezköy facility. Mr. Aksoy says “The assembly work of the production line has started. We will start polyester yarn production by commissioning in the first quarter of 2022.” and added “we will increase our monthly production capacity of 1,000 tons to 2,500 tons, we will have an integrated structure. Mr. Aksoy, also says “We are on the way to have a say in raw materials and yarn in Europe and the world. In addition, we aim to supply the polyester we will obtain from recycled raw materials.”  Noting that they will increase this figure to 160 thousand square meters with their 20 thousand square meter yarn facility in addition to their production on 140 thousand square meters, Bahadır Aksoy stated that employment will increase by 35 percent with current investments.

Noting that they export to many countries, especially the USA, England and Germany, Mr. Aksoy underlined that 60 percent of the exports to the USA and more than 50 percent of the exports to Europe are made by Dinarsu in the Turkish tufting carpet sector.

Stock volume of 5.5 million square meters

Saying that they are building one of Europe's largest warehouses for wall-to-wall carpets in Çerkezköy, Aksoy said, "Our 20 thousand square meter warehouse in our Tekirdağ facility has a total carpet storage volume of 5.5 million square meters. Our new warehouse investment will pave the way for an increase in our service quality and will enable us to deliver the desired orders more quickly. By working with stock, we will fulfill customer requests immediately.” Emphasizing that they focused on product development in R&D, Aksoy pointed out that they turned to polyester production from recyclable products.

New tufting investment to be commissioned in January

Dinarsu Deputy General Manager Ceyhun Topcu noted that as a company, they wanted to increase investments in capacity, but the pandemic slowed this process down. Topcu said, “Dinarsu, which is a part of Erdemoğlu Holding, was established in Gaziantep in terms of tufting production capacity. The new tufting carpet investments made within Merinos will come into effect as of January 2022 and we will have an annual production volume of 50 million square meters. Here, we aim to increase our exports in the Middle East and America region.” Expressing that approximately 40 percent of their production consists of washable carpets, Topcu stated that the remaining part consists of wall-to-wall carpets.

Akal to increase its share in knitwear yarn to 50%

On the other hand, the company produces acrylic and acrylic-wool-nylon blended knitwear yarn for the domestic market and export under the Akal brand in its Zonguldak factory. The factory, which was transferred to Erdemoğlu with a capacity of 9 thousand tons/year in 2011, reached an annual capacity of 18 thousand tons with the investments made. Bahadır Aksoy stated that they will increase their production capacity to 20 thousand tons in 2022 with the new investments, and said, “In this process, we have reached a capacity of 17 thousand tons / year in our factory, which we established in Besni under Merinos structure, which produces knitwear yarn with the brand Akal. Our 2022 target capacity will be 20 thousand tons/year. We produce approximately 40 percent of the knitwear yarn produced in our country, and we aim to increase this rate to 50 percent with our new investments."

Aiming to export 150 million dollars next year

Emphasizing that the demand explosion that came with the pandemic has increased freight prices by about 3 times, Dinarsu Export Manager Gökhan Erdem said that they aim to close the year with exports of 100 million dollars on the tufting carpet side. Erdem said, “We are targeting 150 million dollars in exports next year. In the first 9 months of 2021, we exported approximately 75 million dollars. Current indicators indicate that we will close the year with $100 million.”

Dünya Newspaper

November 21, 2021

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