Erdemoğlu Holding
01 6 2018
Erdemoğlu, which started its production activities in 1970 with 2 rug weaving looms, now puts its signature on projects that will contribute $ 3.5 billion per year to current account deficit issue with an investment of 7.8 billion dollars. The company also increased its export to $ 219 million by 21.6

percent in 2017. Erdemoğlu who begun its commercial life 48 years ago with a small workshop with 2 rug weaving looms recorded a rapid growth with the brands that it added to its structure over time. Erdemoğlu Holding, which was established in 2010 by gathering all brands under one roof, is among the strongest players in the market in home textile and yarn sectors besides being the world leader in area carpet with Merinos, Dinarsu, Padişah, Efsane and İmparator brands.

Erdemoğlu Holding, which had a successful growth trend since the first day of its establishment and has a turnover of 35 million dollars in 2002 with the investments it has made closed 2016 with a turnover of approximately 1.5 billion dollars. The company, which closed 2017 year with a 40 percent growth in turnover, has a target of 12 billion dollars turnover with completion of the investments it has planned and started to work in full capacity.
Erdemoğlu Holding, which exhibited a successful growth performance to date, acquired SASA, which was owned by Sabancı Holding in 2015. The company, which started a big investment move with this acquisition, increased its production capacity to 3.1 million tons / year and placed itself amongst the biggest producers in the world.
Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors and SASA General Manager Mehmet Şeker, who emphasized that they would make investments in the petrochemical business, says “The raw materials of our investments in the current line of business are imported today” “First of all, we will produce PTA (Pure There phthalic Acid) and MEG (Ethylene Glycol) which are our raw materials to meet our own needs and to sell the rest. And says “The production capacity of these raw materials will be 2.5 million tons/year for PTA and 1 million tons / year for MEG production.
Erdemoğlu Holding, which ranked in the first with two investment incentive certificates amounting to 29 billion 48 million TL from the Project-Based Incentive System implemented by the government in April will contribute to current account deficit issue by making investments valued at $ 7.8 billion.  Erdemoğlu Holding, one of its investments is the production of polyester, which is the current business line of itself, hopes to achieve a great success in export with this new investment. The company, whose other investment is in the field of petrochemicals, is expected to complete this investment in 2026. Imports of the raw materials that Erdemoğlu Holding will produce with this investment are quite high. Therefore, realization of this investment.has great importance for Turkey.  Mehmet Şeker highlighted that imports on this area would continue and it was required to make new investments.
The company rises to prominence for its contribution to national econo9my of Turkey with its investments and production as well as exports that it has realized. Ibrahim Erdemoğlu says that they would contribute to solution of current account deficit issue of Turkey as well as they create added value. The company will be able to export polyester chips, fibers and filaments to be produced in the coming period with said investments to Europe, North Africa, Russia and Turkic Republics.
The Holding whose largest export area was carpet before the Sasa acquisition, mainly exports to Europe and the United States. Edemoğlu states that carpet exports to the US have increased, Erdemoğlu also says that carpet exports to the US have increased four times over the last 5 years. In 2015, Erdemoğlu Holding which is always ranked in the first in exporters list in carpet industry increased its exports from 160 million 996 thousand dollars to 180 million dollars by 11% The company's exports in 2017 reached 219 million dollars.
Source: Dünya Newspaper 01-06-2018

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