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26 4 2018
SASA will have a voice worldwide in of polyester production. SASA one of the Erdemoğlu Holding companies is determined to convert Turkey’s net importer position to net exporter position with 'Super Incentives’ it has received.

General Manager Mehmet Şeker, says that they would be positioned among the giants of polyester. Member of the Board of Erdemoğlu Holding and General Manager of SASA Mehmet Şeker says that Turkey would transform from net importer into net exporter with investments they would made in petrochemicals industry.
Erdemoğlu Holding, which draws attention for its breakthroughs in recent years is taking firm steps towards on becoming one of the world's leading companies in polyester production.
Erdemoğlu who also benefited from the Super Incentive, becomes one of the largest producers in the world.in the production of polyester chips, fibers and filaments by increased its production capacity from 340 tonnes / year to 3.1 million tons / year.

Erdemoğlu Holding Board Member and SASA General Manager Dr. Mehmet Şeker emphasizes that, with these investments Turkey would become production base of the region that covers Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Turkic States and Russia by transforming from net importer position into net exporter position.

Mehmet Şeker, who provided information about the investment they will make in the petrochemicals industry says "The raw materials used in ındustry that we have invested in are imported today. First of all, we will produce our raw material PTA (Pure Therafitalic Acid) and MEG (Ethylene Glycol) in order to meet our own needs and sell the rest. The production capacity of these raw materials will be 2.5 million tons / year for PTA and 1 million tons / year for MEG”.
Dr. Şeker says that they would continue their investments on basic plastic raw materials for which total import amount is 5 million tonnes for Turkey along with PTA and MEG  and adds “Plastic raw materials that we will invest are PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Our production capacity for these raw materials will be 1.2 million tons for PE and PP and 600 thousand tons for PVC respectively. Even though these investments come into life, Turkey will continue to remain in position of net importer. Additional capacity is still required for the production of these raw materials. “Our Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) investment, which is especially used in hygiene industry, increasingly used in Turkey and worldwide and we expect high outcome will increase attraction of investors to Turkey with its new system with 2000 thousand ton capacity” Mehmet Şeker also says that these investments revealed the willingness and enthusiasm of investment of domestic investors, a way would be paved for domestic and foreign investors with realization investments. Dr Şeker who mentioned Super Incentive also says: “With this incentive system, an important support will be provided to investors who has enthusiasm to invest in it. Real investors have decided to invest without these incentives. For example, in 2016, when this incentive system was not on the agenda, SASA decided to invest and implemented it in order to fulfill our investment vision. This incentive system will in fact have a function that accelerates the realization of investment plans and acts as a catalyst in chemistry. This incentive system actually has a significant potential to encourage Turkey to transform from a consuming society to producing society and it must be used. We will ensure integration with harbor facility to satisfy requirements of our all investments.”

Investments that started in 2016 will end in 2026 Dr. Mehmet Şeker who states that investments for polyester products started as of 2016 and adds that their operation would be started as of the last quarter of this year and their production capacity would be increased from 340 thousand ton to 690 thousand ton at the last quarter of this year. Dr. Şeker also says that total capacity would reach 1 million 390 thousand tons once additional two plants are deployed next year and other facilities will be put into operation step by step. Dr. Şeker says that the Company plans to start petrochemical investments in this year, and all of the plants will be completed by 2026.

 ‘We will be using the most environment friendly technology'. Dr. Şeker who emphasizes that they would meet all the requirements of the Industry 4.0 revolution for all of the investments. “We will be using most up-to-date, most efficient, minimum energy and most environmentalist technology.” It will be one of the few examples in the world in terms of efficiency, quality, and capacity. “When the investments are completed, we will be producing approximately 3.3% of global polyester production and 3.2% of PTA production 2.8% of MEG production, the global production for polyester is approximately 3.3 percent, 3.2 percent in PTA, 2.8 percent in MEG x% of PE, 1.5% of PP production and 1.1% of global PVC production.

“We will end the Turkey's polyester dependence on overseas'. Dr Şeker who speaks about contribution of the Project to national economy says, “With the investments we mentioned here, we especially will end Turkey's dependence on abroad for polyester products.” “We will be satisfying significant part of “PE, PP, and PVC product need of Turkey.” “The effect of these projects on reducing the current deficit will be approximately 3.8 billion dollars and 7 thousand people directly and tens of thousands of people indirectly will be provided jobs.” “With the completion of our investments, our total production amount will increase to 10 million tons and our turnover will be around 12 billion dollars.” The average value-added rate of our investments is around 43 percent. The potential for creating added value of our investments will be more than approximately $ 5 billion. Even if target market of our products mainly in Turkey to prevent import of these products especially for polyester chips, fiber and filamentary market we attach importance on Europe, North Africa, Turkic States and Russia market.”

Dünya Newspaper - 26.04.2018

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