Erdemoğlu Holding
03 4 2020
A three-tier support to the "My Turkey, We're Enough for Ourselves" donation campaign has come from the Erdemoğlu Holding, one of Turkey's significant industrial groups that has the carpet companies like Merinos and Dinarsu as well as Sasa Polyester A.Ş. within its body.

İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Erdemoğlu Holding, announced that they had joined the donation campaign with three million TL. Erdemoğlu also stated that despite the current uncertainty and crisis process due to the coronavirus pandemic, no employee will be made redundant and no cuts in their wage will be made within the Holding. The Holding has last donated 14 thousand boxes of food to governorates of Gaziantep and Adana, each with three thousand boxes, and 10 other provinces where the Holding companies are situated, each with one thousand boxes. İbrahim Erdemoğlu fulfilled their undertakings on top of the state by sending an official letter to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan concerning the issue.



Colossal investments


Having started to sell nearly 70% of the 700 thousand tons of polyester it produces annually in Adana to the health, hygiene, and medical packaging sector in the last COVID-19 crisis, SASA will increase its capacity to 1,4 million tons with the second phase in the next month and the third in June. Adana-based Sasa is one of the leading manufacturers of the world in the fields of polyester, fiber, filament, polyester-based polymers, intermediate products, and specialty products. The company that had previously clarified its process of government incentives has completed its preparations to establish a colossal petrochemical plant together with global companies in the Yumurtalık region upon the completion of the land plot allocation process.

Source: Dünya News

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